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Why Choose Shea & Associates

  For Your Recruiting Needs:

If you were to search the Web, you would find many firms specializing in the recruiting and search business. Many firms will send a multitude of resumes in hopes that one or two seem to fit the position.

Shea & Associates has a more personal way. In almost all cases the candidates are not only screened on the phone, but prior to the actual interview process at the client site, the candidate is met in person to test for applicable skill sets, and personality match.

Of course, not rolex replica uk all candidates will be a match for the specific position, or fit into the team, but the time spent with candidates through Shea & Associates will be time well spent, and result in many more qualified candidates and many more job offers.

"Bringing Clients and Candidates Together"


  For Your Training Needs:

  • Client feedback has indicated a true ROI increase from attendees.

  • Flexible sessions allow for half day to full day training that will target specific areas of need.


  For Your Consulting Needs:

  • Over 75 years of combined business expertise. Proven track record with software migration projects.

  • High level of enthusiasm, expertise and reasonable fees for services rendered.


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